3 Steps To Disable WhatsApp Notification Android

With millions of users WhatsApp continuously dominating the messenger market all over the world. Currently there are millions of mobile users out there using WhatsApp for sharing messages with friends. User friendly interface, ad free app, group chat and sharing of multiple file format are the key features of WhatsApp. Another important thing of the app is, its free to every everyone. With all these features we accepted it as the best application for instant chatting.

Recently whatsapp increased the maximum number of users in a group chat, and this adds chance of more messages to your app. But whats the problem in it? You will get notifications with alert tones every time when someone sends you a message. This may annoying to you if you are doing work or busy at something. Here is the solution to get rid of whatsapp notifications in android. In this post I will tell you how to turn off or disable whatsapp notification android.

Disable Whatsapp Notification AndroidDisable Whatsapp Notification Android

If you want to turn off whatsapp notification android follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1 : Head to Settings menu on your android

Step 2 : Click on More and select Application Manager

Step 3 : Select WhatsApp and uncheck the check box show notifications.

You are done! Now no notification will be shown in your android status bar, and no alert tone as well. By this way  you can not only stop whatsapp notification but also any app you need to stop about.

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