Deezloader Reborn Reddit [Download Links]

Deezloader reborn, replacement of old deezloader v2.1.0. Its a new way to download high quality musics from deezer @320kbps. Deezloader reborn reddit. Free download for windows, mac, android and linux. Now download your playlists/albums with one click using deezloader reborn.

Note that due to DMCA complaint its reported that deezloader reborn 3.1.0 will be the latest and last version of deezloader. So not expect any latest versions after deezloader v3.1.0.

Deezloader Reborn Reddit

Here are the links to some of the topics of deezloader reborn by ExtendLord. If you dont know about Deezloader app and how it works, please visit my old post about deezloader. You dont need any vpn to download songs, you can download it directly.

Link: Deezloader reborn reddit link [Reddit link]


Deezloader Reborn MegaLinks [Download]

Source code of Deezloader Project [Link]

Windows Installer, Windows x64 portable, Windows x86 portable, Linux x64, Linux x86, Mac x64 [All Links]

After downloading download the installer and run it. For android users there is no direct apk files of deezloader reborn app. Though you can install it manually using termux app.

deezloader download app reddit

Features of Deezloader Reborn

  • Download FLAC/MP3-320 music content from Deezer(FLAC needs to be turned on in the settings ‘turn on HIFI’)
  • Search musics
  • Use Deezer links as an alternative for Searching and downloading inside the software
  • Download multiple musics at a time
  • Download Albums and artists
  • Tagging system on MP3-320 and FLAC
  • Simple and user friendly

DeezLoader Reborn V3.1.0 final

DeezLoader Reborn is here to replace the old DeezLoader V2.3.1. With this software you can download high-qualiy music and enjoy.

Change log Deezloader Version 3.1.0-

Fixed Download Freeze- Improved logs- Improved UI- Fixed album artwork size not being saved- Fixed some typo- Fixed synced lyrics for mp3- Fixed Track fetching for unsupported countries.

Alternatives of Deezloader Reborn App

The deezloaderĀ  alternative is SMLoadr app. No other alternatives available for deezloader.

Deezloader reborn problems reported by some users

  • Cannot disconnect account from deezloader.
  • App closes on downloading song from deezloader.
  • App initializing issues.
  • Deezloader version 3.0.6 closes unexpectedly on windows x86 and x64 versions
  • Deezloader App crashes on download

Checksums of Deezloader Reborn

Filename SHA-1 3CE0898A7D3BD137B1086408F9E8043EBEEFB982
DeezLoader-3.1.0-win-64&32-installer.exe 9893160D3317ED7782C76E4BE263BB1E269AF159
DeezLoader-3.1.0-win-64-portable.7z 90EE7CD710CEBE6883D7A83E2042DCB0DB237B1E
DeezLoader-3.1.0-win-32-portable.7z 9A0117FD1CEA36BC157B234BCA4F84B239EB99EA
DeezLoader-3.1.0-linux-64.AppImage F57E42F486741B77F7B346EB5A83933F910826BF
DeezLoader-3.1.0-linux-32.AppImage 1CE2BCE28F28BC4E4FA3970475FAD09C70742D01
DeezLoader-3.1.0-mac-64.dmg 3019F1E3072A7EA9E5DDF4B0938DA75D49A9AF20

courtesy: reddit user extendLord, m-p-3

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