Deezloader Download [Updated] for Deezer & Spotify Musics @320kbps

Hi all. This post is all about deezloader download, the software you need to grab musics from deezer and spotify. This is the latest version of deezloader 2.3.1 which you can download for free for windows, mac and linux. Now downloading your favorite playlist or album from deezer or spotify made easier with deezloader. Continue reading to know how deezloader work and how to download tracks from deezer using deezloader.

I know that most of you were using deezloader to download high quality mp3 files from deezer. And you know the piracy complaints from the deezer official side. Many of the links to download deezloader were deleted from reddit, and here again the link is active there to download for your windows 32 bit version or mac, linux. The official subreddit and download link was removed before due to the legal action by deezer. You may have the older version deezloader 2.1 but i am here adding the direct link deezloader 2.3.1 from mega website meaglinks.

deezloader download

The download was once available in rar and zip format, and the link here is zip file. The latest version deezloader support windows 10 and deezloader still working on other platforms like windows7, 8 and 8.1 too. I have never tried it on mac or linux (nor kali). So I just adding the windows download link here.

Deezloader Download Windows PC 32bit/ 64 bit 2.3.1

Downloading deezloader app for windows is easy as long as this download link work. Deezloader download reddit link. All you have to do is click on the download link provided just below, extract it to a folder and install the downloaded deezloader exe file on pc.

Size : 56MB
Source :

What is Deezloader App

Basically its a app that downloads sound tracks from online audio streaming sites like deezer at high quality @320kbps from deezer server. So you dont need to pay for deezer or spotify for their musics. If you want a entire album, you just add the url and deezloader download from url. Also deezloader download from spotify playlist for downloading whole album from spotify.

Download Deezloader for PC

For the linux version check this link. Its the link for souce code. I think this might help for deezer linux users. Deezloader download linux.

Download Now

How Deezloader Work?

Here is how deezloader work. You want to download tracks from deezer using deezloader. The deezer will first decrypt the tracks and stores it in theri storage server. When you have paid for the monthly subscription, deezer will deliver the files to you. But if not, deezloader will download these encrypted sound tracks and decrypts it for your computer. Thus you dont have to pay deezer (or spotify) for their monthly subscription for downloading musics. Just use deezloader app and download and have fun.

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About deezer , The Online Music Streaming Site

Deezer is an online music streaming site which lets you play your favourite track on your device when ever you want. Its available in 182 countries with 43 million songs in their catalog. Keep in mind thal google play store and apple store has only less number of tracks than deezer. Deezer works on all your devices and available both online and offline. So listening to music with deezer becomes much easier.

Deezer comes with two packages free and premium. Both packages offer high quality sound for the audio tracks, and premium membership offers even more quality to the tracks. One of the important feature is that, you wii not see annoying ads between the tracks you play. This applies to both free and premium users.

deezloader download app reddit

Deezloader 2.3.1 Still Working?

After the official shutdown of deezloader app, peoples no longer geting the files to download the app. And due to piracy concerns everyone thinks that deezloader is deal and will not work anymore. But the fact is that deezloader is still working for most users who has already downloaded the deezloader zip file. And they all are able to download deezers tracks to their device.

This is beacause, Deezer only filed a complaint about deezloader, but didnt take any action to prevent the sound track downloads using deezloader app. This is why most of them able to download spotify and deezer tracks using deezloader app.

Download Deezloader Android Apk | How Deezloader work on android

Yes of course, there is an android app for deezloader. Apk link is added here. Here are all the steps you need to do to work the deezloader 2.3.1 apk on your android.

  1. Download these zip files from these links Google Drive Download Link1, Google Drive Download Link2
  2. Download the deezloader zip and unzip it.
  3. Open servers ultimate app
    • Click Servers
    • Click the Add button in the top right
    • Select node.js server
  4. Now the configuration menu will open up, and…
    • Click Specific
    • Script Location >> browse until you find “app.js” in the folder you stored before
    • Then Save the settings and run server
  5. Open file manager and navigate to config.js and open it.
  6. Here note the port number
  7. finnaly open browser and enter”port_number”

This is the deezloader android apk download link and tutorial.

Common errors related to deezloader

  • Connection to Deezer API failed! Please try again.
  • Searched songs not found on Deezloader 2.2 and 2.3. The fix is that you have to use vpn if you are not from USA.
  • Older versions : deezloader app 2.1, 2.1.2, 2.2.0, 2.3
  • Deezloader has failed to connect to the deezer api.

I also note that some of my friends having deezloader compatibility error on windows 32 bit version. If you have any ideas regarding this please let me know it by comments.

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