How to Share Wifi Password Between iOS Devices

Learn how to share wifi passwords from iPhone or iPad to let other join a network you are connected to. Read on to know more about how to share wifi password between ios devices..

The most recent forms of iOS offer an exceptionally pleasant component that lets you effectively share wi-fi passwords from an iPhone or iPad with the goal that other individuals can rapidly join a remote system that you’re now associated with. While there is still no real way to see the wi-fi switch secret word in iOS, the capacity to share a wi-fi watchword and help another gadget to join a remote system is an extraordinary element and a positive development.

share wifi password between ios devices

Requirements to share wifi password

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or above
  • Wifi and Bluetooth enabled
  • The device sharing the password must be connected to the same network the other device wants to join
  • Both of their contact list must be present in each phone.
  • Both the device should be nearly placed

How to Share Wifi Password Between iOS Devices

Here are all the steps to share wifi password

  • On the device which need wifi password, Open settings>>  Wifi, then attempt to join a wifi network. Now stop at the “enter password” screen
  • Now unlock the ios device connected to the wifi network, and wait till wifi password screen shows up. Here tap on the “Share password” button.
  • Now check the device needs the wifi network. its password entry field will auto fill and connect to the wifi network.
  • After that it shows as completed and now click on done to finish the process.

This is the easiest way to share your wifi passwords between ios devices without telling them the actual password. And it should work on all the ios devices running ios versions 11 or above.

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