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NDS4iOS is a free emulator, a port of the multi-platform DeSmuME 0.9.10 for iOS for playing Nintendo DS games on iPhone and iPad. It runs many original games and fully optimized for iPhone and iPad devices for the best emulation experience. The best thing about the NDS4iOS is that, it does work even in a non Jailbroken apple device.

You can play NDS Roms on your iPhone and iPad after you install NDS4iOS emulator. Your iPhone or iPad should require ios 5.1.1 or above to install NDS4iOS. Like GBA4iOS, NDS4iOS too supports iOS 7 controllers and features options for control pad style and position, and Dropbox integration.

NDS4iOS Roms Download Zip | Rar | Dropbox

Here are the top sites you can download NDS4iOS roms for free.

  1. WWW.DopeRoms.COMĀ 
  2. Romhustler.NET
  3. WWW.Emuparadise.ME

Now you dont want to take Nintendo DS for playing games like Pokemon sun and moon, Pokemon black white 2, Super Mario…etc just install NDS4iOS emulator on your iPhone or iPad and have fun with your best games.

nds4ios roms download

Installing NDS4iOS roms is easy, via DropBox you will be able to download your favorite roms without any problems. Furthermore its own browser finds the best compatible games for your device, and its easy to save and load games on it.

Top Downloaded NDS4iOS Roms | NDS Roms for iPhone and iPad ios 9

Download NDS4iOS from Here for your iPhone and iPad.

NDS4iOS Roms download in zip or rar format no jailbreak required.
NDS4iOS Roms how to tutorial.

Nds4ios roms Download – Top Chart

Pokemon – Black Version (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced)
Pokemon – HeartGold Version (US)
Pokemon Platinum Version (US)
Pokemon – Black Version 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced)
New Super Mario Bros. (US)
Pokemon Diamond (v05) (US)
Pokemon – SoulSilver Version (US)
Pokemon – SoulSilver Version (v10) (EU)
Dragon Ball Z – Supersonic Warriors 2 (US)
New Super Mario Bros. (EU)(M5)

Pokemon – Edicion Oro HeartGold (ES)

Digimon World – Dawn (US)

Kingdom Hearts – 358-2 Days (US)(M2)
Dragon Ball Z – Attack of the Saiyans (US)(M2)
Grand Theft Auto – Chinatown Wars (US)(M5)
Final Fantasy XII – Revenant Wings (US)
Pokemon – White Version (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced)

Mario Kart DS (US)(M5)

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 featuring ECW (US)(M3)
Assassin’s Creed – Altair’s Chronicles (EU)(M5)
Plants vs. Zombies (US)
One Piece Gigant Battle 2 – Shin Sekai (Japan)
Pokemon – Edicion Plata SoulSilver (ES)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Explorers of Sky (US)

Legend of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass, The (EU)(M5)

Kingdom Hearts – Re-Coded (US)(M3)
Pokemon – White Version 2 (USA, Europe) (NDSi Enhanced)

Inazuma Eleven 3 – Sekai heno Chousen! The Ogre (JP)

Resident Evil – Deadly Silence (EU)(M5)
MegaMan ZX (US)
Naruto Shippuden – Ninja Destiny 2 (US)
Pokemon – Edicion Blanca (Spain) (NDSi Enhanced)
Sims 3, The (DSi Enhanced) (EU)(M6)
Mario Kart DS (EU)(M5)
Naruto Shippuden – Ninja Council 4 (US)(M3)

Legend of Zelda – Spirit Tracks, The (US)(M3)

Call of Duty – Black Ops (US)
Super Mario 64 DS (EU)(M5)
Mario & Luigi – Bowser’s Inside Story (EU)(M5)

Dragon Quest IX – Sentinels of the Starry Skies (US)(M3)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX – Spirit Caller (US)
Animal Crossing – Wild World (EU)(M5)
Inazuma Eleven 2 – Firestorm (Europe)
Kirby – Super Star Ultra (US)
FIFA 11 (DSi Enhanced) (EU)(M5)
Bakugan – Battle Brawlers (US)(M2)
Harvest Moon DS – The Tale of Two Towns (USA)

Inazuma Eleven (EU)

Metal Slug 7 (US)
Dragon Ball Kai – Ultimate Butouden (JP)
Grand Theft Auto – Chinatown Wars (EU)(M5)
Mario Party DS (EU)(M5)

NDS4IOS Emulator features List for iOS

– Nintendo DS emulator for IOS

– Jailbreak is not required to use NDS4iOS

– Run DS roms on iPhone and iPad

– Get fun with Nintendo games

– Compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5.1.1 and above

– Run and play roms for free.









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