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Learn how to add google adsense auto ads to wordpress website/blog.

Adsense auto ads can help monetize your blog while maintaining a good user experience. Using a single piece of Ad code Adsense auto ads can monetize all your pages automatically without wasting much time on placing many individual ad codes.

That means the whole page can be monetized using this one script called google auto ads. This sounds great! Right?

The google auto ads uses Google machine learning technology to identify the placement opportunities, thus helping the webmasters to get maximum earnings from the websites.

Add Adsense Auto Ads to WordPress/Blogger

Below are the steps to generate auto ad code and add it to wordpress

  • Sign in to Adsense
  • From left panel go to My Ads
  • Click on Auto Ads
  • On the “choose your global settings” page, select the ad formats you would like to show. and click Next
  • Copy the code from the “Place code on your page”
  • Paste the code between the head ( ie <head> ad code here </head> tags of your site.
  • Save it.

You can place the code in head tag in many ways. Some of these are

1.Editing theme editor

WordPress Dashboard>> Appearance>>Editor>> from the right click on Header.php (template)>> after <head> paste it

2. If your theme has option to add Header code, place this code there

3. If you are using any adsense/ad code plugin add this code in it

After adding the auto ad code/script your ads will be shown after 20 minutes…

add adsense auto ads wordpress

Now lets see how adsense auto ads works!

Once you added the google ads script to your website or blog, it scans your page and detect the page structure. And it identifies the potential new ad placements. Then it detects for any hard coded ad unites on the page. Finally it will place new ads based on the existing manual ads and ad density.

This means that you will be able to use Google Auto ads and existing normal ad units all together. And google also recommend to use both this ad for better performance.

Why should you use Adsense Auto ads?

Auto ads helps publishers to use more scalable and  dynamic ad experience. Before, all of the publishers had to use different ad formats based on different sizes, formats to optimize ad performance. And we have to spend enough time for it. But using google auto ads, you getting only on ad code for your entire website. This will automatically place ads based of the machine learning technology and help you to get maximum revenue.

Benefits of Google Adsense Auto ads

  • Saving a lot of time
  • You can spend more time for your contents rather than optimizing the ads
  • Increase in Google Ad Revenue
  • Easy to implement
  • Customization options

Multiple ad formats are available using auto ads. You can decide between text and display ads, in article ads, in feed ads, matching content, anchor ads and vignette ads. And then choose what type of ad formats are to be shown in your page just by a simple toggle.

Moreover, you can also specify which ad formats to show on specific url. The Url groups option allow you to group set of pages and show specific ad formats on it.

You must use Google Auto ads if your website does not have enough ad units and, wants to increase your revenue. This new ad automatically show different ad formats based on your website design and it will increase your earnings.

Keep in mind that the auto ads will not disrupt the current ad units. You can or you must use auto ads with current ad units.

If you struggling to make money from adsense you must use test it and see the changes.

PS: Google auto Ads and Google page level ads using the same ad code

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