Unsend Whatsapp Messages After 7 Minutes

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In this article i will show you how to unsend whatsapp messages after 7 minutes deadline. Recently whatsapp rolled out a new feature called “Delete for everyone“. The feature which enables the users to delete send messages accidentally within 7 minutes of time period. Within this time all whatsapp users can unsend /delete /revoke the messages sent to other recipient.

But whats after 7 minutes? Yes you can unsend or delete whatsapp messages even after 7 minutes time range. I have listed all the procedure you need to do on your whatsapp. You only need to follow up the steps to get it work. This option will work on both ios and android devices. So lets move on to the topic ” how to revoke whatsapp message after 7 minutes”.unsend whatsapp messages after 7 minutes

How to Unsend Whatsapp Messages After 7 Minutes

Follow the below procedure to delete whatsapp message even after 7 minute, it works up to 1 week time. Check the steps below

  1. First you have to disconnect the internet of your phone. turn off mobile data or wifi
  2. Next you need to exit the whatsapp application. Just close down the app window.
  3. Here is the trick. Change the date of your phone to the date before you sent the actual message.
  4. To unsend or revoke the message you accidentally send, just long press the message you want to unsend, then tap on “delete” button, and tap “delete for everyone
  5. Now change the date of your device to the current date.
  6. Finally connect to the internet.

This trick to unsend whatsapp messages after 7 minutes was confirmed by metro.co.uk. It was first discovered by Android Jefe. You can use this whatsapp hack to unsend messages after 7 minutes to up to 1 week of time.

He found some loopholes in the latest whatsapp functionality, and discovered this unsend messages even after 7 minutes trick. This will work regardless of whether the message is read or not at the recipient side. I don’t know the trick will last long enough to use it all the time. I think Whatsapp may find it and solve this in the coming days. Till then you can enjoy this unsend whatsapp message even after 7 minutes of time.