Check How Old Do You Look in Photos and Have Fun

Want to know your age from photos? Here is a fun website for you to check it out.

The new website from Microsoft team, obtain age from an image you uploaded to it. You can also use images of your friends and family to know their age. Apart from the age it finds gender also.

Although, the results are mixed so far. When I use the tool, it shows different age for different photos of the same person, and age prediction has large dissimilarity in some images. Check the image here. Vin Diesel is actually 47 years old but How-Old.Net says he’s photos

The tool was created by Microsoft’s Machine-learning team as an experiment of its face recognition API. The experiment targeted for 50 people and that now increased to over 40000 peoples. Guessing is done by using its facial recognition feature, and predict the age and gender. Images of less than 3MB size are allowed to upload.

Now upload a few clear images of your friends to HowOldRobot and check whats their age. Its pretty fun to see the numbers. Share it with your friends and have fun.